Lonesome Cowboy

Lonesome Cowboy

(C) (P)  2010 Arthur Davenport, Good Read Music, LLC, all rights reserved.

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Written Summer 1993 to include an original song for David Brower’s “Round ‘Em Up” Cowboy Music Anthology published for NPR at KRWG radio station, NMSU, in Las Cruces, NM.  

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G                                 C                    G  
The lonesome cowboy, he's out on a roam,
        C                                                                         G
with thirty miles of fence to mend, and today’s grown old.
      D                         C                D                                 C
He finds a old cotton tree, says: "Guess here tonight I'll be..."
      G                        D               C
He throws down his saddle and poke,
                        G              D                  C
pulls out some hard tack, coffee and a smoke,
              D                                    C                                        G
and the frayed-edged letter from Maria…, the only one who wrote.

G                                          C                      G
The lonesome cowboy, he'll pass the night away,
        C                                                                      G
The hotel of a million stars, that's where he likes to stay.
               D                            C                  D                                  C
He don't got no house, don't pay no rent.  Out on the range, he's so content.
   G                 D         C            G                    D       C
A new moon’s on the rise, he's searching the starry skies,
        D                                            C                           G
And thinking about Maria, and her boy, who's got his eyes.

       G                                  C                          G          
The lonesome cowboy he's tired, he calls it a day.
C                                                                             G
Lays down his head to rest, he dreams the night away,
    D                     C                      D                                    C
of Colorado, and pasture sweet, tall green grass, wading through waste deep.
            G               D                  C           G           C               D
On his cow horse, with his cow dog, the cowboy, drives 'em on,
D                                      C                                  G
up to Colorado from New Mexico, he's dreaming on and on and on.

G                                 C                            G
The lonesome cowboy, he'll pass his life away.
             C                                                                               G
He’ll be riding herd, mending fence, he'll even put up some hay.
               D                                 C
He don't like concrete, it kind of hurts his feet. 
       D                                     C
His cowboy boots don’t wear even on a street.
            G           D                   C                      G          D                 C
There's just one thing that he wants, that’s to find the love that he lost.

         D                                              C                           G
He's whispering to the wind, and he sends her his kind thoughts.
               D                                              C                           G
Yea, he's whisperin’ to the wind, and he sends her his kind thoughts.
               D                                              C                           G
Yea, he's whisperin’ to the wind, and he sends her his kind thoughts.

              G         D          C          D       G              D                  C                     D           G
Going to Maria, Maria... a, a , a, ah...  Espero te, siempre, mi amor, mi amor perdido, Maria...

(I'll wait for you, forever, my love, my long lost love, Maria)