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Whispering to the Wind CD - FREE SHIPPING TO USA!

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FREE SHIPPING TO THE USA! "Whispering to the Wind" is an album of 10 original ballads featuring a stellar band. The songs range from alt-county to dancehall reggae, moving across the carnival of Americana music from Rock, to Pop and Folk. A great addition to your music library! Toe-tapping and ear catching. Titles include: 1) The Great Mystery, 2) Who Are We?, 3) Here And Now, 4) Lonesome Cowboy, 5) Rearview Mirror, 6) Make It Up, 7) Out Of Control, 8) Jewels, 9) Little By Little, 10) Three Black Sheep . (45:04 minutes)

$ 16.08


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FREE SHIPPING to USA! The "Reality Bends" album is a solo performance of 12 original ballads and fingerstyle guitar. Titles include: 1) So Near - So Far, 2) Tie That Binds, 3) Rain, 4) Reality Bends, 5) Walking Song, 6) Leilani, 7) Dancing Girl, 8) Come a Roaming, 9) Longfellow, 10) You Who, 11) The Coral Reefy Song, 12) Looking for the Day. (45:07 minutes)

$ 16.08

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