Ecumenical Inspiration

God Is Good


It’s really up to God you know,

as to what we do.

God is fate, God is love,

God is what is true.


God is early, God is late,

God is now, and every date.

God is sure, God is blue,

God is good, and so are you.


God has plans you cannot see,

and teaches us how not to be.

Up above, down below,

all is one, made as so.


God made birth, God made death,

God made us, we made a mess.

God made all, so it could change.

Creation, evolution, they are both the same.


God is Great, God is Good

Let us be thankful for our food.


God is Good, God is Great.

Let us be thankful to that we must forsake.


Thank the the plants,

Thank the meat,

Thank the fruit for nectar sweet.


Thank those before.

Thank those to come.

Thank God for the rising sun.


God is you, and God is me,

God is The Great Mystery.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray to God my soul to keep.




*******       ***********

*******       **********


Just Passing Through  


Keep me here

a little more time

while I’m

passing through,

to the end of the line.


Slow me down

on the trail

by the river

that flows

without fail.


Gentle wind,

blow me down,

passing this way,

from lost to found.


Easy now

my tired mind

keep me here

a little more time,


Stay with me

while I’m passing through,

to the end of the line

to be with you.


Stay with me

while I’m passing through,

to the end of the line

to be with you.


*******       ***********


Nickel for a Cadillac                                                


If I die naturally

There can be no regret.

For once you live the miracle

What more could you get?


We only go onward,

We never can go back.

At such a cost, nothing’s lost.

It’s like paying a nickel for a Cadillac.


A penny for the ride of a lifetime.

Then fall into the sun, lose space and time.

Laughter runs like water.

Joy the wind in sail.

Grace to pass these hours.

Love, it never fails.


Happy trails,

but don’t look back.

It’s like paying a nickel

for a Cadillac.

*******       ***********

Whirling Twirling Swirling Sound                                           


The whirling twirling swirling sound

of dervishes turning around.

Night sky with only one star seen;.

A special star indeed, it seems.


Only I and the star embrace,

Alone in such a crowded space.


Just for me sweetly smiles the star

as we admire each other from afar.

Just for me the world then sighed

As she danced around with grace and pride.


The whirling twirling swirling sound

of dervishes turning around.


************       *******




I Am Honored

You Praise My Elocution.

You Too Are Erudite,

And Therefore Edifying.

What Grace!

To Learn With No Effort

While Having Fun

With A Friend.

As We Skip

To Tomorrow

With Our Hearts

Hand In Hand.



Naked Heart


I see through you,

under the clothing so well draped,

there lies your heart.

Naked, warm, and safe.

Dutifully beating,

throbbing, pounding

the skin of your drum.


Forgive me now

if I laugh at the lies,

the easily torn gauze

of your self-concepts,

for great joy

comes to my throat,

when I see

your warm,

naked heart.


*******     ***********

They’ll Get No Meat From Me.


Aha! The howling minds of torment. Lashing claws, gnashing teeth.

Greedy lusting hunger, drooling, craving, need.


Contentedly watching, their hunger begets no fear, in me.

Jackels chorus howling, crying for their meat.

Their greedy lusting tongues have no taste for me.


I play the strains of sweet refrain, against their anguished cry.

Singing to the desert night, your fire by my side.


Outside my camp, lost in the dark, dogs have no use for me.

For I have dined on dates and wine, and they’ll get no meat from me.


***********       ********




a deep blue pool

of crystal clear intention

lies between our houses.

Loneliness forbidden

across these waters

of content.


And upon

this pool's reflection

we can see

back through

our own windows.






A friend

is a neighbor

who lives on the street

of your life.


A mentor

is a neighbor

who helps you to build

your house.


A lover

is a neighbor

who lives with you

in the house

of God.


A reader

is a neighbor

sitting next to me

at present.


Hello Neighbor!


***********       *******


Birthright of Challenge


Birthright of Challenge,

Relationships that Defy Gravity.

Eccentric Orbits of

Our Celestial Bodies.


At Times Aligned,

Then Departing,

On a Tangent.


Invariably Painful,

Always Gainful.


Thus Compelled to

More than

a Single Life

in a Lifetime.


Ow, Wow.

They Knocked Out

The Winner Again!


Isn't That

How it Goes

With All That

Bumping Around?


Who Said

There Were Rules

On This Freeway?


There is Nothing Mundane

About a Birthright of Challenge.




Created to Evolve


Oh my, all this fuss, created or evolved.

Enough snuff, don’t buy a bluff,

both rooms are in one hall.


Divinely made, this creation.

Now we can evolve.

What stays the same, but Love?

Not you, nor I, nor stars above.


Divinely made, indeed, seems strange.

Created with the wisdom

that it would need to change.


***********        *******


Thank You All You All


Thank you all you-all.

Yes, I am very happy,

crying buckets of laughing tears.

I never danced at four in the morning before,

crying and laughing and grabbing for stars

while singing praise to the heavens

and genuflecting to the moon.


Crazy mad man

drunk on divine love light liquor.


Staggering home

waylaid in back alleys

ever ambling

dancing love-drunk

unable to walk

mumbled prayers

for divine




***********         *******


Dear Vladimir                                            


Dear Vladimir,

Peace and blessings to your family,

and may wisdom and brotherhood prevail

in this world gone mad.


We are all the children of Abraham,

Muslim, Christian and Jew.

May the blessings of all good people be upon you.


Please tell your friends

There are many who are sad and angry

with the disgrace of what has happened.


May I please say that I am sorry too,

for the way some on all sides have behaved,

causing an uproar,

creating divisions

and conflict

between our families.


May they be blessed with forgiveness

from those who have been wronged.


Your Friend, in Poetry and Song,